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  2. Having such a handbag is the most durable than 20 general handbagsThese have been dubbed "heritage handbags" and include iconic favorites such as the 2.55 bag and the herms kelly.the origin of the herms birkin bagthe herms birkin bag was first created in 1984, after a chance meeting between english born singer jane birkin and the ceo of herms jean louis dumas.whilst there are many theories that surround the bag's origins, uk's elle magazine of march 2014 entitled "stylish thinking jane birkin", confirms that the chanteuse jane birkin was indeed the inspiration for the bag.whilst traveling from london to paris in the early 1980s, birkin found herself seated next to the ceo of herms, jean louis dumas. laden down with bits and pieces, birkin's herms organizer was overflowing and some items fell out. looking at the debris next to him dumas sested she put things in the pockets, to which birkin retorted "if herms put pockets in, I would."from that moment, the idea of the herms birkin bag was born.

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